These archived blogs that are now offline from my years teaching at Clayton Valley High School will be posted at some point. After the full wipe of my Website, I need to do a bit of work to reset and repost the Wordpress Databases for these installs.

The blogs are simple blog rolls where I would post information from each day, often in the form of iPhone flattened images taken of the whiteboard and the SMART Board and then uploaded via my phone. Quick, dirty, and effective for its purpose.

One thing I learned as a high school teacher is that if the purpose of the webpage is to deliver a backup of the information offered in class, making the page look pretty was far distant second to the priority of making it easy to put online so that I, as the teacher, could focus more time on face-to-face instruction and curriculum planning.


CW Archived Edu Blogs

CW Archived Edu Blogs (Currently Offline)

Eng4 Archived Edu Blogs

Eng4 Archived Edu Blogs (Currently Offline)