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Kevin DeWeese Contact Info

Contact Info
Oakland, California
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Current Resume

2012-11-10 23.26.03

East Shore of Lake Tahoe

High above the talus on Zodiac, El Captain, Yosemite.

2011-10-27 20.15.26
BLM Salt Flats, Joshua Tree NP

2012-11-28 22.13.23
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Resume & Design Portfolio

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a massive part of my life. I am involved in first ascents (FA) of big wall routes in Yosemite and free climbing routes in various climbing areas around California. My climbing blog is a collection of nonfiction writing about the climbing that I have done over the last few years. Recently, my routes were recorded in the American Alpine Journal's "World's Most Significant Climbs - 2015" with the online version of those article linked below.

Blood & Coin, Lost Brother, Yosemite Solo First Ascent

Blue Collar, Hourglass Wall, Yosemite Team First Ascent

Jericho Wall, Glacier Point Apron, Yosemite Second Team Ascent and Solo First Ascent of Direct Start Variation

Fail Falling Blog


DJ Joshuah's Blog
A collection of Happy Hardcore DJ Mixes I recorded in the mid 2000's when I was an internationally known DJ that headlined shows in SF, LA, Toronto, Reno, and other cities in the US. (No really! I was!)

Charlie & Me (Not currently online)
In the late 1990's to early 2000's I was an indie-pop singer-songwriter solo guitarists that recorded and performed under the pseudonym of "Charlie and Me" (a nod to the solo album by Dinosaur Junior's J. Mascis titled, "Martin and Me" - Martin being his guitar and Charlie being my own name for my guitar)
I recorded an album titled "And Now I Feel All Yucky" that was self produced and self distributed at the time. All instruments and parts were written and performed by myself except for a few guest appearances on various songs.

Goatfolk Studio (Not currently online)
After graduating from SFSU, I started a small independent recording studio with a partner from SFSU's BECA Program in San Francisco's Sunset District. We recorded primarily indie singer-songwriters and DIY Punk bands with the occasional string quartet. I will post samples and excerpts from our recordings and the website when I get a chance to collect and reformat them.